For your decision for or against a reconstructive intervention, you should take sufficient time. Look intensively into the subject, check the options and possible complications. Read all about it – because a surgery comes with all the risks involved and will be performed under anesthesia.

Even the best doctor cannot give you 100% guarantee for the success of the intervention. The better informed you are, the more satisfied you will be with the outcome. A good source for addresses of competent surgeons are their professional associations. Also ask your friends and acquaintances, perhaps someone has gained positive experience and can recommend a surgeon.

Trust your surgeon

If you have opted for a reconstructive surgery, the most important prerequisite for a successful and sustainable intervention is a relationship of trust with an experienced physician. In an initial consultation, you and the specialist should clarify your personal motives and expectations regarding the intervention. Also discuss in detail the exact procedure, possible side effects and risks. In this way, you develop realistic expectations and will be satisfied with the result. (-> Link Check list reconstructive surgeon)

Right at the beginning, talk about any costs involved and the permanency of the intervention's outcome, as far as experience can tell. Aftercare and cancer screening should also be topics of the first consultation. Collect information about the products and materials your doctor utilizes and why. (Characteristics of our implants) Find out more in our breast reconstruction information brochure "Feeling Whole Again".

Get yourself involved actively in the preparation and decision-making process – because it is about your body and your health.


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