A decision for or against a reconstructive intervention like breast reconstruction should be considered carefully.
Take sufficient time to make it.

Prior to your decision seek extensive advice from a well-trained doctor with many years experience and possibly get a second opinion. Important for a surgeon are many years of expertise and a high number of successful operations performed every year by her/him. (Check list reconstructive surgeon)

Only if you are really sure about your decision, have collected comprehensive information in preparation and feel comfortable with your doctor, you should decide in favor of an intervention. The more informed you are and the more realistic your expectations, the more satisfied you will be with the outcome. Find out more in our breast reconstruction information brochure "Feeling Whole Again".

In case of an implant breast reconstruction, you should ask your surgeon which materials or implants she/he uses – for implants are not equal and quality is unfortunately not a given.

As the only German manufacturer of breast implants, POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics has provided the highest quality for over 25 years and ensures the certified safety of our implants. (Products / About Us / Warranty)


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