Breast enhancement has become one of the most common aesthetic surgical procedures performed on women. There are different procedures which may be appropriate for you:

Regardless of which procedure you choose, please remember that it is a surgical intervention. The selection of an experienced physician or surgeon is thus the most important prerequisite for a successful and sustainable intervention free of complications.

One should also consider the implant that you will hopefully have inserted into your body for a long time. We recommend to evaluate the quality of your future implant carefully and not base a decision solely on the price of the implant.

How to find the right surgeon

Breast augmentation

The breast is the epitome of femininity. But not every woman is happy with her décolleté. There are several approaches to augment a breast or reshape a desirable cleavage. Together with your surgeon you will choose a specific method depending on the results of your examination and your personal preferences and body image.

The decision to have a breast augmentation with implants has several advantages:

- State-of-the-art silicone implants are safe and filled with high-quality medical-grade silicone – they will not leak or deform under
  normal strain.
- The shape of anatomical implants produces very natural-looking results.

The position of the incision through which the implant is inserted depends on the technique used by your surgeon and the patient expectations. The following three implant positions are chosen the most often: the inframammary fold, the nipple area or the armpit. Your surgeon will be aware of their specific advantages and disadvantages. Utilizing any of these implant insert positions, the implant can be placed either behind the mammary glands or – partly or wholly – behind the pectoral muscle.

Detailed discussions with your surgeon prior to the intervention will help to define the appropriate surgical technique for you.

Breast reduction and lifting

It is not just small breasts that make many women approach a plastic surgeon, also an excess of breast tissue or skin can negatively affect self-esteem or cause health problems such as after extensive breast feeding.

With plastic surgery, large breasts can be reduced, asymmetrical breasts balanced, breasts sagging after pregnancy, weight loss or due to ageing may be reshaped. In breast reduction, part of the glandular and fatty tissue as well as excess skin may be removed and reshaped to a smaller breast. During the lifting process, tightening the glandular tissue is often combined with the removal of fat, i.e. a reduction, or the insertion of an implant to add volume to a lax breast envelope.  „Breast augmentation“

Breast reconstruction

For former breast cancer patients, a positive frame of mind is psychologically very important and provides important support in coping with the disease. To establish a better quality of life reconstructive plastic surgery can prove helpful. In many countries, women have the possibility to have their breast reconstructed following breast cancer surgery. The topic is important to us and we have compiled more specific information under the "Reconstruction" menu .

Other cosmetic procedures that are increasingly performed are:

In addition, eye-lid correction, wrinkle filling, botox treatments, nose corrections, or combined throat-and-face lifts are among the most popular cosmetic surgeries in Germany. *

* 2012 patient survey of the DGAePC, the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (-> PDF link survey results)


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