Missed watching the live transmission of our webinars?
You can now watch the videos recorded at Dr Constantin Stan‘s S Clinic in Bucharest, Romania.

Webinar 4 NOV 2016: Microthane® Breast Implants - a valuable tool in breast surgery
Faculty: Dr Mario Pelle Ceravolo, Dr Tom Biggs, Dr Sühan Ayhan, Dr Patrick Tonnard, Dr Alexis Verpaele, Dr Giovanni Botti, Dr Moustapha Hamdi, Dr Constantin Stan
Go to: www.sclinic.ro/webinar

Webinar 21-22 FEB 2017:  "One Day & A Half" Breast Course
Go to: www.sclinic.ro/livecourse

Webinar 20 MAR 2017: Gluteal Surgery
Faculty: Dr Raul Gonzalez, Dr François Petit, Dr Constantin Stan
Go to: www.sclinic.ro/webinar-march



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